Reasons to Wear Fajas After Surgery

Reasons to Wear Fajas After Surgery

After a major surgery, your body is going to be in a whole lot of pain. That's why we recommend you wear fajas after surgery to help you recover faster and more comfortably.

What are some of the best reasons to wear a faja after surgery?

1. It helps with swelling and discomfort caused by the incision or staples.

2. It helps to bring in your new shape after surgery! Fajas provide the perfect compression for recovery to hold your new shape and make sure you stay snatched! 

3. It helps give you support while you're healing to keep your posture straight through recovery as well.

4. Always remember compression is key! Make sure you have only the best quality in fajas and that you have the right compression. Ultimately your overall results will depend on your after care ! 

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