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So Snatched Waist Trainer

So Snatched Waist Trainer

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SWEATING 3 TIMES MORE THAN USUAL : Wearing our So Snatched Belt trainer has so many benefits!

This trainer has 3 main belts.
Benefits of the trainer are back Support and Waist Control. It helps keep your posture straightened, correct your posture, and flatten your belly. It allows you to move freely with no risk of it rolling down.

Tummy Control Design: Up to 25 cm in width and has an Inner Double belt with High compression. In order To help you control Belly fat, the trainer has adjustable straps.
One on the lower belly, one on the upper belly. You can compress these areas as tight as you want.
This will help get your desired body shape & shed some inches.

This can also be used post-partum pregnancy to help with the baby fat, retracting skin, tightening back up your body & shedding extra inches off of you.
NOTE: These trainers run big!
A Medium fits as A M-L.
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